After The Holidays 2018

Taking a break from Ridesharing, no even sure if I will continue at this point, had a very good end of year I wish I could go back and simply enjoy what I love most and that is being with family and sharin my time with them, can’t ignore all the good also… Having only

Preparing Yourself For The Future

Why should we prepare ourselves to the future? To be honest that is a good question we should write down a board, and think all possibilities, Why? I believe it does not really matter at what age you ask yourself this. But looking on gnral world education we can see how people from small countries

In Search Of Freedom : Tijuana Border

This last months of 2018, thousands of  immigrants have cross Mexico’s south border and made their way up to the Tijuana – San Diego border, This seems to be a political move to control or affect our governments,  in Mexico the change of powers with 2018 July elections bringing the so called 4th transformation and

Break Time From Ridesharing

I have not driving any Uber Ryder in almost 7 days, how do I feel you might ask? Well I feel good, let’s be honest taking a break is something that happened, I need it to take my wife’s car and have the registration renew, been driving the car for 3 days now, and I

How to Fix Most Computer Issues

Sometimes computers can be freezing or not responding at All, Simply Restart the Machine, this applies in life to cellphones, tablets, cars, other electrical equipment, wish we also had a restart button that could makes us feel right, from any pain or dicease we might encounter during our time in this earth, but there is

How To Manage Conversations While Ridesharing

Getting off workd after 5pm, I walk to my car, put my Uber decals like a good road warrior, clean my carpets, making sure I have at least half tank of gas… Turning on the app, does not guarantee anything or who will jump in your car, lately been having issue so with people that

“Trick or Treat”

Most of us went out this day, from house to house, in the search for our precious candy, I didn’t know some cultures used to give out money..  too bad for me then, let me eat my Reese’s ( mike opens his favorite candy bag while you read this… “noisy hmm” sadness can be heard)

Ridesharing Ratings , Are They Good?

I wanted to share this with all our There, I have done 133 trips in this month, notice 105 ppl only gave me a Rating:                 Not bad right? Lets Talks about that those low ratings What are these ryders thinking, cmon they saving money for using ridesharing

Why Did I Stop Selling Laptops

There is a point for anyone about selling new or used computers, if this was a used computer i bough for selling later, we’ll better be moving quick cause computers really tend to get old quickly, Back in the day , we didn’t had that many options   For buying a laptop, either we went

How To Talk To Your Internet Service Provider

Hope i don’t get banned here, but lets me honest who has not had issues when talking to support over the cable, lets say cable company, phone company, but who ever is your ISP (internet service provider) we will call them ISP just to sound cool. So back then when there was a powerful Dial