Taking a break from Ridesharing, no even sure if I will continue at this point, had a very good end of year I wish I could go back and simply enjoy what I love most and that is being with family and sharin my time with them, can’t ignore all the good also…

Having only one job and paying 2 cards, credit cards, etc..  I feel the presure of the January ride into 2019,

Ridesharon was good the first weeks then it started to go downhill for me, more work hours same or less money, I still need to do maintenance to my car, a good side of this is tax season is coming   Only thing I need to start getting all those gas tickets on a notepad and see my expenses against my earnings I am sure that I will do okay, you don’t make that much driving your car, well I didn’t it was more of living day to day , can’t find the right time to make those extra dollars,

Today I made my first sell in Fiverr after setting up some gigs little over a month ago..  Is a hard market, I think it’s better to knock some doors and give out your business cards, or get friends to referral, I still need to go to one of those networking events in my area, in Mexico doing business was easy for me, this market is more intriguing, i need to try…


Missing the great food from last year, I only eat turkey on thanksgiving and it’s very important for me to have my gravy and cole slaw salad… being Mexican I have access to home made tamales… trust me they are good with a coffee or chocolate cup.

Good things will come to good people, the challenges that god will bring to the table are worth the wait.

Taking time for your family, focusing just on them and work… will free up some space I  your mind to focus on what you need to work on,

Ridesharing made me start thinking on how Can I make extra money, I stop once the money was less and the responsibility was higher, driving people around is a big deal, I was lucky not getting hit by other cars in the freeway in 2 ocassions, maybe don’t want to strike my luck, until I have a better insurance coverage,  but for now I have stop, it’s hitting my wallet, but not worried about getting from point a to b,  or people slamming my doors, stinky folks that fart… yup people fart in your car and look at you like it was not me,   Right…

My first Christmas tree was to small this 2018, ended up swapping it for another was was little more bigger and that could actually hold the Christmas balls, seems like trees were cut to early.

Some folks don’t enjoy the season, but would be nice to enjoy it, visit family, friends or just say dang this is my tree and I will survive!  Life is never too good to get comfy.

planning my next move in this waters, still need to educate myself on proper grammar and social media, coming from someone with a lot of customer service and fixing computers, I am still a noob with blogging,  I create 3 podcast that are still pending to be uploaded here.. might has well take some time…

When… that would be good to know,

for now thank you for reading,

and god bless you too, take care dear reader







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