Why should we prepare ourselves to the future?

To be honest that is a good question we should write down a board, and think all possibilities, Why?

I believe it does not really matter at what age you ask yourself this. But looking on gnral world education we can see how people from small countries specially in Latin America struggle to make ends meet, but we say well this is also happening in America.

Again, you don’t need the expensive schools, you just need to learn what you find interesting and work your value.

You could be already a tech, a nurse , an accountant or a civil engineer. But the way the world is evolving. We need to keep learning, either update our skills or find that second passion in life, specially if this will help in our pocket, seems like being a millionaire is not longer a way to stay safe When you retire if those folks are looking how to continue to live their life style, what can the middle class worker do.

Not many of us has save the enough money to retire properly, if someone had told me 20 yers ago how life was going to be today, I would of started a savings account long ago.

But when you are coming out of school, you start making your own money, sometimes you loose yourself and forget what is the purpose for what you do.

Well sooner or later you might get married, have kids, will need a place to live, if you only living day by day, well you gonna have fun figuring how life and net goes along on this trip check after check..

Education brings the tools so we can evolve in to these human workers, we can be whatever we want, save life’s, build bridges or help the world from human hunger..

When we are kids and go to pre-school, then elementary up to colleague,  we are building our knowledge and growing our self awareness of how the world works,  one day we will grow up, have to work, buy our first car , house or pet.

well education will give us the tools so went Can achieve our goals,  so why do those poor people live the way they do in those third world countries, for them the opportunities are not the same has people in the US and Mexico.

many of people around the world, barely went to elementary some didn’t event put their feet, they were force to work has kids in the fields, mines, et,

at this point I bet you want to say well something right.  I can say what if they gotten the opportunity to read and learn. What if these people had gone to school, what if we read a book more often and see that we have forgotten to Be kids again, we have grown so fast that we forget the small things in life, when you see children smiling and being happy it makes you feel good, happiness can be seen. We have to reprogram ourselves and evolve just like our world is doing.

Many of us live check by check, others work 3 shifts to make sure their children will go to school,  technology has put us in the slacker position, we have been blinded, social media tool over our lives.

what if we could learn how to fix a car, become dentist or teachers,  we live in a country were we can be whatever we want. And there is no age restriction only our busy schedule…

It is not easy, we tend to leave the decisions to others, or put things to another time, I see many people trying to make the government take care of them, but what if that goes away one day,  there is nothing solid in today’s economy.  We have to do what is in our best interest, fight with our believes and start educating ourselves again.

Seems like we didn’t tough carefully what do I want to be when I grow up?

Well I am already 40 and now I want to be a teacher!  Can I do this, probably yes,  our country needs teachers as we speak, there is a shortage of other professionals is just a matter of look in our areas what is it missing, is that something I can achieve and do for living, will that be something I love doing?

you have to ask this.. because sometimes others took the decision for us, maybe you find yourself has this business owner, that likes decorating and always modifies his homes.. interesting picture here, he’s so good to tell others how you should build or put in your house..  what if he choose this career, would he become the most successful architect or decorator.. but again this is your ordinary business man that is in the automobile industry. And we can see many examples maybe we know a friend that is actually an accountant but he loves cooking and his food is just great..  sometimes our parents told the decisions for us, we grew up with the what if… i had become a photographer, reporter, Doctor, chef and many more,

so we spent 10 or 20 years of your lives working and now stuck… we don’t like what we do anymore, but is what pays our bills.. well we can always reprogram ourselves, and you can see many people after retiring they start to be happier doing what they wanted, some spend their time helping people in public places, other opens their own small business,  some don’t even retired they want to be useful for some one else… has long has they can.

what if we had a chance to be whatever we want..  what if we could save enough money for our retirement, what if we find our passion in life, i believe everything else will come to you,  maybe finding that perfect someone in your life, making a family, raising kids and teaching them to follow their dreams, we have to learn from our mistakes and not force our future generations with our own agendas, let them be happy, smile and love your children, this world is already so full of hate, that we have to show our generations that there is also love and respect out there. Say no to family violence and stay loyal to a respectful culture, humanity is becoming less human with the use of technology, we are starting to become zombis, that no longer have empathy for others, and social media Can make you a star or bully you until you surrender.

Again what if we had grown in a country were our parents force us to work instead of going to school, how will we grow up. What will our mindset be…

May We All find what we are looking for, but always smile during the storm , there will be better days to come.




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