This last months of 2018, thousands of  immigrants have cross Mexico’s south border and made their way up to the Tijuana – San Diego border,

This seems to be a political move to control or affect our governments,  in Mexico the change of powers with 2018 July elections bringing the so called 4th transformation and with the past elections where Democrats and Republicans is more balance.

Normally México deports more than 170 thousand souls only in 2015, the information comes from Inami and Guatemala immigration authorities, meaning that Mexico deports more souls than the US.

The sad part is that these poor minded people were trick in to coming in the movement with promises that The US laws would protect them and give them asylum.

Many come with children and have sleept in the streets during this cold weather in Tijuana,  authorities are not well organize for such event.

Tijuana is part of one of the most important cross points next to San Diego, making our cities the perfect spot for travelers.

Today is a crucial day, San Ysidro border has been closed until this issue has been solve by Mexican authorities.

I believe everyone has the freedom to work and live a prosper life, but sometimes poverty is not a matter of how much money you have, but something that education can help.

for these people being manipulated by others groups is something that should not happened. When you speak to them you can feel their needs and their  poor understanding on how the system works.

Many need to register first with Mexico INAMI, so they can be legally in the country and gain access to health services and work permits, but their mindset seems to have been program to look for US instead.

If they knew that current situation in the US is not the ideal to welcome then, but they are free to look for their future. But to what point.

There is a lot in play in both countries.

I can only say, god bless us all and please open their minds so they Can make the right decisions.

For now San Ysidro border is Closed.

Kids and mothers exposing their children to gas bombs and rubber bullets today 😞  a sad day for our kind.


To self:

This express my personal opinion and will avoid talking anything about politics, but when you see someone that does not know their rights being ignore and manipulated you have to speak out.

No to hate and violence language.





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