I have not driving any Uber Ryder in almost 7 days, how do I feel you might ask?

Well I feel good, let’s be honest taking a break is something that happened, I need it to take my wife’s car and have the registration renew, been driving the car for 3 days now, and I can say new ideas have come in to play, also reading some blogs with great advice about side hustle from side hustlenation.com, no worries nick you are great to go for information on this matter, Also trying to get a certification to become a Life Coach combination of Healthy habits,  this one is going to be a challenge, but what better to continue educating one self right, I always love helping others.


i still need to check all my gasoline receipts and track my miles in to a excel spreadsheet and make sure I will not owe money to Uncle Sam for my Uber activity,  it’s pay some of my small bills for The last month and a half, but this is just my side hustle to pay for my car, here is what was going on with this activity:


First 2 weeks I did around 250-300 Us for driving 2-3, 4 evenings in San Diego, then it started to go down to 150-220 the last weeks, one thing was that I was able to get bonus for doing certain amount of trips, then they modify the week schedule and it’s almost impossible to get the bonus for me now, and that is because I only do part time driving, so the effect for the last to weeks is driving 3-4 hours and making less money now..


also so how does a company like uber take so much lost in charging $ correctly for trips, I had a pool trip where Ryder pays $12.xx.  So I made 17.xx driving for an hour in traffic…  and this is nationwide, they are loosing money and paying poor to their drivers, equals a lot of unhappy people and poor service.

You need to balance the pricing depending price of gasoline, location and traffic times, after all this is a business!


So taking some time off, I am still thinking of trying Lyff has a driver, but I am not sure, because I am hoping to stop doing Ridesharing by the end of December,

the other day, a crazy driver put his car in the freeway in front of me going over 70Mph , we were lucky i was able to slowdown and not hit him, he was upset because people speed in San Diego and I bet in other parts of the country too, my Ryder was like he probably did that to see your response, I said, well that is dumb, good thing I drive like a 60 year old man,  I don’t speed, specially if I have other people aboard, safety is always first, and like I said before my respect to those hard working Taxy drivers that do this full time,  driving people around is a huge responsibility, that in an accident that $3 – $17 Us is not work the risk,  many people don’t think of that, so buckle up.


working on my podcast and how to integrate to WordPress , I did my first one today, got to say this, I got tired te first 2 minutes…

then ideas started flowing, you just got to relax and plan ahead, I still need to write down the content and make points to not distract myself on the subject, also timing factor is a must, I’ll try to keep mine under 18 min,

I can almost smell the turkey, counting for that weekend!

keep on reading and please share!


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