Getting off workd after 5pm, I walk to my car, put my Uber decals like a good road warrior, clean my carpets, making sure I have at least half tank of gas…

Turning on the app, does not guarantee anything or who will jump in your car, lately been having issue so with people that jail walk using Uber Xpress,  30% of the times people are not at the pickup point or they call you to ask you to pick them up different place(for real? C’mon don’t be cheap and just get Pool at least it will tell me your gps location) also some people complain and forget they Can move the gps pin so drivers can pick you easier,

but of course there’s ppl that pay low and to you to drive in to traffic in to a private parking lot when everybody’s leaving to home.. thx

I still trying to figure out why ppl choose pool, and ayer complain rising with other people 😪 please pay the extra $2-5 dollars if you have an appointment or don’t like to share the ride..  I’ve ask ppl to move to another Uber , I tell them I will refund the whole ride, then they say they don’t want to wait for another car to pick them up.  I think sometimes clients need some help guides to ride on somebody else’s property, please don’t slam the door  is one of them, or can you put your seat belts..

It’s not just the $600 us fine, is your life and having a police officer giving you the speech , oh and some parents who forget that children need to be also safe, bring your own car seat if posible,  it does not apply in the MTS at San Diego, but in car vehicles any child’s or adult need to wear a seat belt.

When people start talking and have a conversation, always listen has much that you can’t, try not to interrupt them, be polite and say something short or Ok.

never go in to deep with any personal matters, sometimes people need to talk to someone and what better than to a stranger that you will probably never see again, some people are grateful for your attention and keeping them safe from point A to B, maybe that’s why my rating is more of 5 star’s, I don’t need to give them water, candy or any small bribes.


Dont be a creep and ask for their phone numbers unless they’ve ask yours.

Driving for uber is not for  everyone make sure you don’t felt asleep, in case you trying to do this after worked, always respect the job that brings money to your table, of this isn’t just a side hustle, make sure it’s just that and move on, get a degree, pay to get some certificates or assist adult school in many states is free, Driving for Uber is something to just Pay the small bills or a car loan,  the money after all the expenses is really below the expectation, this is not a Hourly job where you have benefits or PTO,  also taking this has a side hustle means you are working more time and being less with your family.

It isn’t normal not everyone’s will make conversation with you  many folks will have earbuds or just stay on their phones watching Pinterest or Facebook , respect their privacy.

You don’t need to ask them if they want music.

Enjoy the silence or learn something new,  talking to people and listening can have a positive side and sometimes you can meet your next client outside of the ridesharing service.

Drive and be safe





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