Most of us went out this day, from house to house, in the search for our precious candy, I didn’t know some cultures used to give out money..  too bad for me then, let me eat my Reese’s ( mike opens his favorite candy bag while you read this… “noisy hmm” sadness can be heard) to move on to the next house and say the magic words “ Trick or Treat”  was wonderful.

Trick or Treat

My smaller brother and me disguise one time has mummies with toilet paper,

Was the coolest thing when you are a …  I remember when I was 5, I had the best looking vampire cape of them all, yup mommy made it, it look so professional that it last for  years,  other kids would just ask their moms, but we where a low income housed hold, so my mom had her own sewing machine and if yours had one you know there is no limit what you can do on those magic machines…

Dress up time,  so this culture of celebrating Halloween has been with most of us in many parts of the world, wish in America they hand out money, but for the kids candy can be just has good,  all the major stores sell candy in different presentations, probably the best time for the company’s that bring the sweet to us, after all, It is hard working for Willy Wonka I say..  I never found the chocolate factory, but I can always buy that candy that has liquor, yummy.

Always be Safe

With kids I would say to keep an eye on them always, specially if the area is not that crowded, don’t let them out of sight, check their candy’s at home and make sure they are always Safe,  put some led lights on them, don’t let them be too late and when it gets dark.

now if you decide to make a adult disguise party, well don’t hesitate and invite all people you know..  get the good music rolling and some appetizers cause Johnny is in the house doing Uber to buy that Mercedes SUV the wifey wants.. but honest you don’t make that much, better be making costumes or selling them on ebay to make that extra income.

Computer’s are not that scary either, they come in different flavors just like candy, the extra money you pay, the better ROI you will get, trust me on this I still have my HP tc4200 from 13 years ago and it works just fine, I would say better than some new machines.

Buying a Halloween customer this days, is similar some good material others are the real cosplay..

Going house to house, asking for candy, Most of us wish we could go back to,  Life continues and we have to contribute to the world by teaching our children on these events that we ourselves enjoyed when we were small. Smile and give me your candy now!

What do you think, are you still going for candy or giving candy.. ?






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