There is a point for anyone about selling new or used computers, if this was a used computer i bough for selling later, we’ll better be moving quick cause computers really tend to get old quickly,

Back in the day , we didn’t had that many options



For buying a laptop, either we went for a Toshiba, HP or a Dell, yeah they all look almost the same, bulk white/grey hard plastic case, heavy and big track ball “mouse”, I remember the manager where I did my tech practice, he had traded a laptop for a 1995 Mustang, he was so happy, didn’t know why I was barely learning how to install win 3.1 Operating system, ah Win95 was promising back then.

Laptops where so expensive back then I remember looking at one magize were they around $4500 , Now you can buy one for under $200 bucks , but what is the difference in all these years?

well, laptops are now in different flavors, for example speed (processor) Ram, Hard disk and don’t forget the most important thing to future buyers,  the feeling when you are using the darn thing, yeah every keyboard is similar but different to touch, even the graphics you see with your eyes, does it make small noise? How much does it weight? How long will it hold a charge for?  Is it running the latest win 10 or Win 7 ( choose win7 it’s cheaper and better)  I might get in trouble but to be honest win10 is still too new to replace win7, we all know Microsoft effort to move everyone to win10 with their free upgrade some years ago,

I stop selling laptops because now everyone can sell a laptop,

Big retail stores like staples, Office Depot, your local Costco, I don’t have to purchase and have it in my shelf waiting for my next victim, just to make a few bucks,  you can’t buy a Car these days by trading a laptop…

i always tell my clients and friends, what are they looking for and why?

Then I can give them ideas on what to look for, later by sending me their options, I can tell them what will work for them, The final decision is theirs.

You will buy because you like the way the machine looks & feels and of course how much will it cost.

Tip always go for a better processor, it’s worth paying some extra dollars to make sure it will last longer.

if you planning on getting for example a dual Core cause they under 300, well maybe there is a i3 for 30 bucks more, or a I5 for 80…   better processor means more speed. Also more quality on the machine, saying this means you will get better return on your investment!


Got any ideas why would i sell laptops… when i can simply help you find the right one for you?


share you ideas with me,


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