I wanted to share this with all our There, I have done 133 trips in this month, notice 105 ppl only gave me a Rating:









Not bad right?

Lets Talks about that those low ratings

What are these ryders thinking, cmon they saving money for using ridesharing services! the nerve.

Rating= 1 ( this was giving because i acepted a ride on my first day playing with the Uber App, let me tell to all those that will start driving in San Dieego for Uber,  The SD airport is a Maze, it was design to make people go in circles until you end up either stuck in the parking lot or any ot the 2 gates, but guess what each gate has his own drop off and pick up, they are really confusing for a newbie, even for me that i have drop people over there 6 times now.,

So i call uber and due to their privacy they cannot remove the one, even that i did not make the trip, user cancel me, and put a nasty 1, well lets karma handle this, i made sure this person got her 10 bucks back and one day she can give me at least a decent 4.

Rating=2 , This recently came in, i am thinking this might be they guy who farted while her GF was riding in the car,  he continue for the next 2 miles, i just got my car 2 weeks ago an this guy, really just farting his heart out… yup the worst 3 bucks i made in my life.  He might of notice i gave him a “3” for farting with out my permission.

Or.. this could be some drunk guys i took to Pacific Beach,CA and just for Fun.


Well with 99 “5” stars i will survive.

Now those 4 stars…. some people dont understand that pool is part of sharing the same ride, yeah pay that 2 dlls more for your privacy, or ask someone to buckle up, Notice that some people out of California,  Do not know that here it is require for “everyone in the car to be with their Seat Belt on”.

I believe not only because i can talk to most people that is only why i am gettin 5 stars on my rating, There :is probably more to that!:

1.- My car is a Mid Size Sedan, yup i spend more gasoline, but my riders feel more secure, just like me, Leather seats make them think they riding with style!

2.-Honesty is first, like ” can you please put your seat belt on” , only thing i still can ask to please don’t Slam my Door… really you pay 5 bucks to slam peoples doors.. c’mon you get a 1 rating from me for that.

3.-Do not creep people out. yup don’t do this, even if the ryder is creepy looking and his name shown has Sonia and its a 40 year old dude who still plays Pokemon.

4.- Keep your cool, never talk about politics, sports or religion, don’t , just listen and say OK, let the other person talk.. not all people have good manners.

5.-Always look both ways of the roads when crossing a street light, or when you dropping a passenger, I put my emergency lights, Trust me others Drivers will applause you, but please move your car out of my Drive way.. Thanks!

6.-I only turn on my radio station, on Klove, i you can barely listen, riders feel positive and warm feeling that this is a cool ride, not just by talking to me or not, but i prefer not to give them a option, really someone paying you 3 bucks to mess around with your dashboard. that is a big No, specially if this is a Car pool, so far 3 people have ask me if i like hillsong, well i like being a positive people, don’t even know who sings a song, unless it’s Toby Mac.

7.-Keep your car clean and lean, this means: wash your car regularly, keep everything in the glove box, unless you get a lot of drunk passengers have some plastic bags handy and towels.


Always be respectful and positive before you drive, that will make it better, even if you don’t do ridesharing.


What do you Think, anything we can add to this..

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