Coming from an IT perspective,  I started to travel a lot during 1999-2013.

My first work travel was for a 2 week training in Guadalajara, MX,  I had made a move from being a customer problem solving manager  for a cable company to a Field Engineer, I was young back then… wanted to step away from the office and unhappy clients..  didn’t know what I was getting in to… but how to complain if the expenses were paid, someone told me years later I should of just taken the trip and return to my cable company, might as well but I wanted to learn. We don’t think in our futures.

Probably i would still be there, maybe regional manager who knows, opportunities always come when you are young, talented and are a people person…

This was my first work trip, I made friends from people that live in other states, had very good time, funny that the office was very close to our hotel that we only walk 5 long blocks to get there, the bad thing is at 8:00 am most places to get a breakfast we’re still close, this city look like a ghost town, people normally start their day around 8-9 AM,  our office open at 9:30, so we had to wait outside, a couple of days later we found a small restaurant that open around 8:30 am it was 8 blocks to the east, so we manage,  this 2 week trip was so relaxing, coming from a city that was always busy like Tijuana,  this look like a ghost town..

I prefer to travel in airplane, its faster, if a trip is more than 2 hours i sleep like a baby! ,  2 years later I was flying to Mexico City, now this place is amazing, I stayed in a good area close to Coyoacan, there are a lot of small bars, a church and restaurants around this area, its a very well known place in the Federal District in Mexico City, we did some work at the 2nd biggest McDonald’s in America, this one is in from of TV station called  Televisa San Angel,  no free burgers, they were remodeling the place, but they told us that there was a secret entrance where famous people would come and eat in to the restaurant… the only bad thing when you travel from a pacific region is how time changes, and that can go in my case from 1 to 3 hours, so going to work at 8 am local time is really 5 am, now that was not planned,  but again the company pays for the expenses, so enjoy! .


I prefer to travel locally in my state, drove down all Baja eating shrimp tacos, having fish fillets in restaurants, drinking ice tea and sometimes getting on a 4hr bus trip to end up eating a Torta (bread filled with beef in my case) or trying to catch the last bus, i almost got stranded a couple of times, because some companies, love to do the deposits split when you leave and when you return.  one time i almost sleep in a bus terminal, cant complain i travel, meet and talk to a lot of people,  when you work with computers and printers there is a lot of customer service involved, you get to not only solve computer problems, but also guide people on how to solve their own.

One time i travel to Honolulu, Hawaii.

Got to say this, its a very good place to visit, your normally get some light showers most of the days, its warm, people due ignore you, and even if you don’t believe this, there are not many Americans there, and if they are, they are working folks, you get to see a lot of people from Asia, Australia and Europe folks, the stores are amazing all major brands in Waikiki, just need the cash or a very good credit card to dress like a star…

Guess the best hamburgers are not from Hawaii… just because they put a piece of pineapple.. the sad part is the taxes are so high, yup, my 4 start hotel room cost around $95 us per night ah those taxes made that around 140 if i am not mistaken, A Jeep Liberty to drive around, cost me $65 bucks for a whole week, but again plus taxes was $120, now i don’t know how they put many miles on the vehicles, they only have like 3 freeways in Honolulu the big island, and the recent cars can have from 35K up to 90K , yup a 2017 car with high mileage in Hawaii is a normal thing, don’t know if they drive in circles. but they do heavy driving over there, and every time you open your hood, gotta love the red dirt from the volcanoes.

when i took the flight from San Diego to Honolulu there was no kids on the plane, mostly people in their 50-70 on the plane,  i felt like the youngest person in the plane, not counting the airplane personnel.   I really like Hawaii to live there, but housing is  a problem, there is not much in the big city, don’t know how it works on the other islands, seems a expensive place to live, talking to a waiter from California that live there for over 15 years, he said the salaries are good, and that housing was not a problem for him. taking care of tables in Red Lobster looks like a good place to work for there.

Now don’t know how i would do fixing computers,  probably end up working for a retailer store.

So if you ever get the opportunity to travel with your expenses paid, say yes, do it, if you like to travel, if you don’t, well maybe bob from room 401 can make the trip for you, but don’t expect a raise or promotion in a while.








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