Hope i don’t get banned here, but lets me honest who has not had issues when talking to support over the cable, lets say cable company, phone company, but who ever is your ISP (internet service provider) we will call them ISP just to sound cool.

So back then when there was a powerful Dial up connection of 49.9 Kbps or something, i had the opportunity to work in a verizon campaign, yes it was amazing speaking from people in different states in America, specially NY folks, but lets talk about how to contact your provider for help, to make things better for them and us.

this is a good list to keep in mind, and the order depends on you. i am not responsible for how you set the level here..

How to work better with your provider, having this info:

1- Have your bill, they will ask for your customer # or might

2- Plan what you are going to say before calling them, trust me calling just because you think or it might will not solve your problem. ( they will help you better with the right words you give to them, a good story will be good for all)

3- have a pen, always something to write down in case they give you instructions.

4- smile and wait on the line, some will answer under 3min others might call you back… have a glass of water and wait.

5- once you get someone on the line, give them as much detail has possible, they will ask you to be in front of the computer, so hope you plan that out,

well i am calling you from my coffee shop, I am not at home….. (please call us when you are there) if lucky they can take a look at your Modem.

6- Remember this is a live person over the phone, that will try to help you has much possible, he cannot look at what you are doing, so try to be honest and helpful, that will make the call go faster and get you up and running.

7- Also before calling make sure your modem is ON, and all the lights are green, normally there a status light (blinking or Steady) new modems say Internet, DSL/Cable, Network 1,2,3,4 if you are using a cable cord, depending where the computer network cable is plug in to.


So if this is a Modem, normal scenario is that you have a cable going straight in to the cable modem, a power cable and any computer connected directly.
if this is a DSL modem, Power cable, a phone cable coming from that splitter for DSL going in to your DSL modem, and any computer connected directly, ( i will post image later on how this looks)

8- if you want to try this method before calling them, go ahead….

Turn off your modem, wait 30 secs, power it back On, Make sure all cables are connected, and that you have either a dial tone or if cable modem , that there is cable channels on your regular TV.

There is a 50% chance powering your modem, will make everything work again.

If not you could try Resetting the Device, but for that you require a paper click or anything to press the reset button, ” now don’t do this”

Do not reset your Router/Cablemodem” unless its really necessary, it will set everything back the way it was before you took it out of the box,

This means the Wireless password will be set to the default, normally a label is place on the modem, Also to access the modem from a web browser in case you need to re configure your network. this is the typical default address for most modems.

9- if the power reset worked you should be OK, no need to call your ISP.
10- if you go for the reset, it might work without the need to call them either.


We are all human, and lets work better with anyone so we can have more time for us, Don’t want to spend 4 hrs talking to a tech trust me.


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