Getting a 2nd Car is not that difficult, but paying for it, it really his a hard thing to do specially when you still got payments for the first car, also insurance adds to the expenses.,

You can’t got asking for a raise in these situations, so how to deal with that second car payment, know if you got it for the same reason i did, I already knew i was joining a ridesharing company to pay for it, or at least survive the journey.

The thing is you have to look at it, has an investment, and that you are going to be your own boss and your own schedule, better after work, You have to always take care of the one that brings money to the table of your home, what makes all payments.

Being honest, my respect to all Taxy drivers and Ridesharing providers that work the full time week, Not only the responsability of driving others, making sure people are secure from A to B point, trying to make a honest living in the US, Ridesharing is not for everyone i have to admit this, i am a lucky guy that in my IT enviroment, i have dealt with tough customers, and customer service comes to play in this arena, sure you dont have the right social skills for the job, but guess what that new car is not going to pay for itself and your family is starting to see the financial struggle, before you reach this point, join as soon as possible, in my case i choose Uber.

Driving for a ridesharing company…

Well the process was lean and fast, also free if you do it on one of their green pods, mine was 5 min away from work, so it was piece of cake (tasty).

Car was used 2011, i am second owner, so under 50K miles smells like new and has the actual tags, this car was probably driving 7k miles per year, the mechanic inspection was OK, the guy was cool.

later that day, i got the text msg that i was approved, and if i made

150 trips, uber guarenteed i would make $1025, now the sad part is that, I did more than that:

My Driver Uber Stats








Trips: 122

Hours: 64.15

Total: $1051.45

So i did over the $1025 that they guarenteed under the 90 days, meaning that in a city like San Diego, for a driver these numbers are not that difficult to make,  after this i need to check my gas receipts and check what are my real profits for this side hustle.




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