Yup is a fun trip if you have the feeling that you need that extra cash, because life is great when it comes to money on the side track,

For me this is an experience i am currently dealing with, specially since i am paying a nice SUV 2006 Pathfinder right who can complain they

look the same from 2005-2012 if am not mistaken, Well i am almost done paying that one, then my old 240 diesel Mercedes quit on me,

started the long road to work, i worked about 30 miles to work an another 30 back home, so using public transportation… well i need to worked.

Was spending 4 hours of my time not being productive, the other 30 minutes was walking around to transfer from one to another vehicle.

In the end, you are tired after the first 2 weeks, family starts missing you and besides that old car needs to be sold or retired, for now, My only

solution was to start looking for another car, at least i had the idea of doing ridesharing to pay for it…


Funny how things come in to place, i was getting down the bus .7 mile from my home, and notice this used car tend sale… wonder what

vehicles they have in stock right.. i am a jeep fanatic, but need something i can rideshare and make some money.  they run my credit score,

i was surprise, was getting offered to purchase a  vehicle right there in the spot,  i had to pass that time, actually waited little over a month,  but guess what, i really like the way the sales person treated me, i had his number, anyway dont want to speak to another stranger and give them my info all over again, sales man was out of town, they do sale events all over San Diego and other county’s,,  3 weeks later, Drove my wife’s pathfinder to look at a nice Honda Accord 2011.

Negotiation, went a little  weird this time, they offer me an ice cream, and after looking at my next vehicle.. i sign the papers and said well lets do this. What can go wrong right. notice some small things, they made the arrangements.

I took the bus to pick up the car 4 days later, and travel 28 miles ,  Once i arrive at the bus station, I notice there was a pizza sale just crossing the street,  yeah the pizza was not bad, they cook it in 3 minutes in their oven right in front of my eyes.. for $4.25  (2 slices and soda) yup i was OK, then made my way to the next bus that will get me almost in front of the car sale lot….

Once my car was ready..  i spoke to the sales manager and after 1 hr talk… i left happy with my purchase.

now this was happening in my mind….  (how am i going to pay for this car… who gives credit to someone who already has another car, why me..)

all those questions filled my mind, for a couple of minutes, until i said to myself, i will be OK. besides i am gonna join a ridesharing company…



to be continue

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