“Trick or Treat”

Most of us went out this day, from house to house, in the search for our precious candy, I didn’t know some cultures used to give out money..  too bad for me then, let me eat my Reese’s ( mike opens his favorite candy bag while you read this… “noisy...Read more

Ridesharing Ratings , Are They Good?

I wanted to share this with all our There, I have done 133 trips in this month, notice 105 ppl only gave me a Rating:                 Not bad right? Lets Talks about that those low ratings What are these ryders thinking, cmon they...Read more

Why Did I Stop Selling Laptops

There is a point for anyone about selling new or used computers, if this was a used computer i bough for selling later, we’ll better be moving quick cause computers really tend to get old quickly, Back in the day , we didn’t had that many options   For buying...Read more

How To Talk To Your Internet Service Provider

Hope i don’t get banned here, but lets me honest who has not had issues when talking to support over the cable, lets say cable company, phone company, but who ever is your ISP (internet service provider) we will call them ISP just to sound cool. So back then when...Read more

Work Travel Is Good?

Coming from an IT perspective,  I started to travel a lot during 1999-2013. My first work travel was for a 2 week training in Guadalajara, MX,  I had made a move from being a customer problem solving manager  for a cable company to a Field Engineer, I was young back...Read more

No Ridesharing Bonus

Getting a 2nd Car is not that difficult, but paying for it, it really his a hard thing to do specially when you still got payments for the first car, also insurance adds to the expenses., You can’t got asking for a raise in these situations, so how to deal...Read more

Buying A Second Car

Yup is a fun trip if you have the feeling that you need that extra cash, because life is great when it comes to money on the side track, For me this is an experience i am currently dealing with, specially since i am paying a nice SUV 2006 Pathfinder...Read more

Why would i do a blog…

Hi dear readers, Well seems after 20 years of working in the IT industry has a desktop support guru/engineer/tech, I have to question my self, How did all this time past so fast…. I wonder if sharing my knowledge will help others understand how difficult is to stay in this...Read more